Jailaxmi – Special Steel is one of its kind in India with German Technology for Vacuum Degassing. We produce Carbon, Alloy, Engineering, Stainless (400 series), Tool & Die Steels, including Heat Treated Hot Rolled Round Bars, Cold Drawn, Smooth Peeled, Centre less Ground, Polished Bright Bars / Hot Rolled Billets / Con-Cast Billets. Our future plans are to produce con-cast billets, hot rolled billets, hot rolled bars, bright bars including heat treated in Stainless Steel Austenitic Grades. Product ranges: Billets & Blooms, Hot Rolled Billets/RCS, Hot Rolled Rounds, Bright Bars, Hot Rolled Flat Bars, Forged Bars, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool & Die Steel. Jailaxmi-Special Steel is a steel manufacturing company which designs and supplies special steel long products. The company’s product line includes: Hot Rolled Bars, Bright Bars (including heat treated), Hot Rolled Billets, Con-Cast Billets in Carbon, Alloy, Engineering, Stainless (400 series), Tool and Die Steel grades. The company is equipped with dry pump technology which enables them to instantly start their system. These pumps also ensure achieving vacuum levels of 1 millibar faster, which enables better degassing for longer periods, resulting in improved quality of steel. Manufacturer of special steel long products, offering a comprehensive range of carbon, alloy, engineering, stainless, and tool & die steels. The company operates a medium-sized integrated special steel mill in Aurangabad, India, with modern facilities for steel making and German technology for vacuum degassing. Its product range includes hot rolled round bars, cold drawn, smooth peeled, centerless ground, and polished bright bars, as well as hot rolled billets and con-cast billets. The company serves the automotive, engineering, and industrial sectors, and is able to mix container loads of orders consisting of various grades, sizes, shapes, and finishes.